Tony Lopez TikTok Star Under Fire After Allegations Of Sending Inappropriate Pictures

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American TikTok Star, who is also a member of the Lopez Brothers along with his brother Ondreaz Lopez. His tonylopez TikTok page has more than 22 million followers. Ondreaz and he run the YouTube channel Lopez Brothers, where they post challenges and dance videos.

Tony Lopez, TikTok’s star, has recently come under fire for sending explicit messages to a girl aged 15 years old. These allegations are coming less than one year after Lopez made headlines with nude photos of himself that were allegedly leaked to fans on Twitter.

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According to The TikTok Shaderoom, Tony used Snapchat and Instagram direct messages to communicate with minors. “I guess it never clicked into his head that I wasn’t 20 years old,” the victim said, commenting on screenshots of Snapchat messages that were allegedly sent to him by a Hype House member. “But you can see, he kept saying s–t knowing I wasn’t old. Predators don’t care!”

Tony has not yet publicly addressed the allegations against him. He tweeted on Aug. 8: “I have a lot of things to talk about.” He added, “I love and support you guys keep happy.”

This isn’t the only controversy Tony has been involved with.

Tony Lopez was accused of taking another TikToker’s dance.

According to TikTok, Gen Z seems to have one goal: To go viral on TikTok. Social media stars are now the latest A-list celebrities. It is illegal for content creators to try to steal material from other people.

Tony was accused of taking @ouuitzjaidaa’s dance, without crediting her. These accusations, while not as serious as sending sexual messages directly to minors, are damaging to Tony’s credibility and reputation as a content creator.

Jaida uploaded a video on June 14 of her dancing to Nicki Minaj and rapper 6ix9ine’s “Trollz” in a competition.

“Whoever has the most views on TikTok, I will wire $10,000. Second place: $5,000 The rapper also announced that the third-place winner would receive $1,000.

Jaida expressed her desire to donate the prize money to a friend’s family who had recently lost a member of their family.

Jaida called Tony three days later after he posted a clip of him dancing to the same song. She commented, “NOT YOU COPIECING MY DANCE.”

Some people noticed similarities between the two dances after the videos were posted side-by-side by The TikTok Shaderoom. Tony replied in a tweet that has since been deleted from the platform, “Imagine believing I stole your dance.”

Despite the fact that there was an internet squabble, many commented on the issue and said that the moves were not the same. Others criticized the creator of the content for creating drama.

Jaida doesn’t care about who does her dancing, she just wants credit. We totally get that.